The maskDAO Meetings

There are two regularly scheduled meetings that happen every week in our MaskDAO Discord voice channel at (5PM UTC / 12 PM EST). Wednesday Town Halls are informal gatherings to talk with the community and get feedback on Team initiatives. Thursdays our very own Outerlumen hosts Twitter Spaces. White Chocolate hosts the Community Call on Saturdays where the Team provides prepared updates on the latest happenings and then opens the floor for questions and comments from community members. Following [y]Our DAO’s Community Call, meeting minutes and the agenda are added to the announcement channel for those who were not in attendance but want the quick scoop!

02 Dec 01:00 UTC

Come hang out with outerlumen and fellow MaskDAO team members on Twitter Spaces! It’s a great way to connect with fellow Hashies, show off your favourite Hashmasks, and even catch team members joining from a live NFT event. We will also feature interviews with various mask experts to broaden our knowledge of masks from around the world.

04 Dec 16:00 UTC

Every Saturday the MaskDAO team updates the community on what we have been working on that particular week/what we have coming up. After the prepared remarks the team will take questions from members. This is the call to tune into if you want to stay up-to-date on all things MaskDAO!

01 Dec 16:00 UTC

A low key meeting where we can just “kick it” with the community. This is an opportunity to talk about your ideas for the MaskDAO or just talk about the overall NFT market. This is also a good time to discuss any open proposals being voted on by the community.

30 Dec 08:00 UTC

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