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A Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. Translation: unlike how one Bitcoin is the same as another Bitcoin, aka fungible, each NFT is unique, however, both fungibles and NFTS rely on blockchain technology for storage. NFTs can be associated with easily-reproducible one-of-a-kind items such as photos, videos, audio, etc. and use blockchain technology to provide public proof of ownership. 

The Hashmasks is a global collaborative fine art project created by over seventy (70) artists. This timeless fine art project is interactive and blurs the line between creator and collector by allowing owners to assign a name to each of the collection’s 16,384 unique pieces. Each holder has the ability to contribute to completing The Hashmasks project by giving a unique name of their preference to the Hashmasks they hold via the Name Change Token (“NCT”).  

The Hashmasks changed the game on multiple levels. Prior to the Hashmasks, NFT owners received a limited use license. Hashmasks owners were the first to acquire full commercial use rights with their NFT. Crypto art space progenitor status doesn’t stop there. The Hashmasks project is also the first NFT to produce its own fungible utility token, NCT. 


Hashmasks are the NFT Fine Art Leader 

  • First collectible with several layers of scarcity determined by the consumer
  • Created by over 70 artists globally 
  • Random distribution for full fairness 
  • Full ownership and unlimited commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT 
  • Naming becomes a scarce commodity via the NCT token mechanism 


Buying a Hashmask to enhance one’s fine art collection is more than the mere purchasing act. It’s akin to opening the door to becoming an artist oneself. How so? 

Every Hashmask produces ten (10) NCT per day, thereby allowing two (2) name assignments per year. Owners who want to name but don’t want to wait and risk their desired name being assigned by another owner can trade fungibles tokens to get the 1,830 NCT required for naming.  No two names within the collection can be the same at any given time. However, a re-named Hashmasks’ former name (eg, Bob) becomes instantly available as soon as the owner bestows a new name (eg, Don Miguel de la Plata) in its stead. Transforming a Hashmasks canvas by tendering a name to the blockchain renders collector into a founding creator. That kindred bond is the first step to forging a digital economy identity. 

There’s an additional scarcity catch to naming beyond each name’s uniqueness. Ten (10) years from the project’s inception the smart contract is programmed to stop producing NCT. Effective the 26th of January, 2031 the possibility to name and re-name individual Hashmasks art pieces will become an increasingly exclusive luxury ever reserved save for the most elite crypto art investors. That abrupt NCT production halt precedes the inevitable impossibility to name or rename a Hashmask anymore. The fine art project will be complete when that fated no-more-NCT-left-to-name day arrives.


At the pinnacle resides fourteen (14) different mask types. From African to Chinese and Steampunk, the Hashmasks menagerie is drawn from all over the planet. The styles vary from pixel to animal, abstract and dive masks to plumb our creative depths. The Hashmasks rarity cascade comes into view when we combine a mask’s rarity with how many character types, backgrounds, hairstyle, skin and eye colors exist. It’s been said that every Hashmask is unique, some more than others, and it’s true. With the exception of the infamous Indian Mask Robot Twins, no two are identical. The antecedent inceptor status coupled with the Hashmasks’ finite supply and rarity combinations make it the NFT fine art domain’s empirical quintessence of discerning taste and veritable perquisite for collectors seeking to bridge traditional and blockchain. Translation: unlike the overwhelming majority of projects that came before and after, the Hashmasks are a legit fine art investment grade project. 


Open Sea


The Hashmasks NFT collection is available on Open Sea