Welcome to the future of autonomous organization.

The MaskDAO was created by members of the Hashmasks community. The goal of MaskDAO is to spread awareness of The Hashmasks project and provide value to all Hashie holders.

Meet the maskDAO Museum

The Mask Museum located in Crypto Voxels is a first of its kind. Enabled by a Hashmasks community grant, it set the standard for DAOs to display their project’s art and provide a metaverse space for events like the MetaVerse MusicFest. Whether enjoying a live show on the big screen while busting a move or casually strolling around to take in the finely curated Mask selection there’s a vibe for everyone.

MaskDAO’s museum prowess doesn’t stop there. Before the museum officially opened a limited edition Golden Ticket was available to community members for a low cost two thousand NCT mint price. The Golden Ticket baked in utility as a mint pass allowed holders to mint the Museum’s inaugural NFT, the MaskDAO Word on the Street relic, for free (plus transaction costs).

Please don’t think we’re close to content with setting the standard. To the contrary, we’re just getting started and have a deep bag of ideas to share with the NFT Community. Keep an eye out for the next collection, coming soon!

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Latest Initiatives


Meetings are scheduled throughout the week with an informal meeting on Wednesdays located in our MaskDAO Discord voice channel, Thursdays our very own outerlumen hosts a spaces on Twitter. Saturdays we have our community call located on MaskDAO Discord voice channel, where team has prepared remarks and then after open it up for questions from community members. Following our community call, meeting mins and presentation are attached/archived for those not in attendance but want the quick scoop!

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Twitter Spaces

02 Dec 01:00 UTC

Come hang out with outerlumen and fellow MaskDAO team members on Twitter Spaces! It’s a great way to connect with fellow Hashies, show off your favourite Hashmasks, and even catch team members joining from a live NFT event. We will also feature interviews with various mask experts to broaden our knowledge of masks from around the world.

Weekly Calls 12.04

04 Dec 16:00 UTC

Every Saturday the MaskDAO team updates the community on what we have been working on that particular week/what we have coming up. After the prepared remarks the team will take questions from members. This is the call to tune into if you want to stay up-to-date on all things MaskDAO!

Wednesday Town Hall 12.01

01 Dec 16:00 UTC

A low key meeting where we can just “kick it” with the community. This is an opportunity to talk about your ideas for the MaskDAO or just talk about the overall NFT market. This is also a good time to discuss any open proposals being voted on by the community.

Art Basel Week

30 Dec 08:00 UTC

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About us

At the end of April, the first version of Mask DAO had been on pause for a minute when the Hashmasks invited White Chocolate (“WCh”) to work with Adidust and launch a MaskDAO v2. The Discord underwent an orientation and re-orientation (read: reformulating WCh’s byzantine channel and role matrix). The beginning of May brought the first regularly scheduled Community Calls. By and through those opportunities to update the community on what was being worked on and get their feedback the team grew and added skillsets. We completed a v1 goal, producing an ERC-20 token, $MSK (now defunct), with Yoba Guy’s help. The Medium account came to life and provided a guide on how to claim MSK. More articles would follow.

A rudimentary proposal system emerged. The nascent team setup a gnosis wallet and seeded it with their donated NCT and a Hashmask. The reality was, those funds weren’t going to be enough to do the big things that team dared to dream. The proposal system was used to craft a solution, asking the Hashmasks team to fund Mask DAO with a 2.5% secondary sales fee. It passed. The budget and roles debate was on and it, was, IN-tense. Ultimately a Year 0 budget with roles and goals was passed too and the team was now a professional crew ever more accountable to the community. Mask DAO opened the Mask Museum in Cryptovoxels (funded by a Hashmasks community grant) and produced its first NFT, the Golden Ticket. The Mask Museum opened a month later with the release of the first relic.

The team was asked, tasked and re-tasked with the Mask DAO canvas to answer several questions imperative to forming the DAO. Among them was, what three values are the most important to the MaskDAO? Community, Integrity and Transparency were the loudest. Those values have been our north star guiding the building process that gives no import to one’s race, religion, creed, gender, ethnic, orientation, education or social status.

Hold on! How could someone with a low social status afford to buy a Hashmask? We offer partnership opportunities for marketing and projects with a Hashmasks connection. It does not stop there. There is a Tweeters role in the Discord that rewards social media participation, no mask required. We also hold participation-based giveaways. Join the Discord, stick around, participate and you may find yourself with a new NFT.

Magna Carta

We come together, cross generation and fungible OG to NFT rookie green, from every corner of the globe to form a union human history has never seen.

Come voting time it matters not how many Masks in a bag we find because our union values contribution not by token count but the strength of one’s mind backed by an indominable will to grind.

Our Mission

MaskDAO is a collaborative universe of socio-economic stakeholdership opportunities designed to spread awareness and grow the Hashmasks brand while providing value to the community by organizing fun events and supporting innovative Hashycentric products.

As good stewards of the crypto community we seek to educate generations on crypto, NFTs and the metaverse through the Hashmasks relational art community experience.

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